market-oriented ˌmarket-ˈoriented adjective
1. ECONOMICS a market-oriented economy, society, system etc is one with free market S where people can buy and sell freely and where most companies are not owned by the state:

• He plans to replace the rigid planned economy with a more market-oriented one.

2. ECONOMICS market-oriented activities are designed to lead to a more market-oriented economy:

• Hungary and Poland were ahead of their neighbors in adopting market-oriented policies.

• the President'smarket-oriented reforms

3. MARKETING a company that is market-oriented tries to design and sell products that satisfy customers' needs:

• Firms are becoming more market-oriented.

— market orientation noun [uncountable] :

• R&D staff are often perceived to lack market orientation.

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market-oriented UK US adjective (also market-based)
ECONOMICS a market-oriented economy is organized so that companies, prices, and production are controlled naturally by the demand for goods and services rather than by government: »

A market-oriented economy may offer an uncertain future.

See also FREE MARKET(Cf. ↑free market)
ECONOMICS used for describing methods, systems, or actions that are based on the idea that companies, prices, and production should be controlled naturally by the demand for goods and services rather than by government: a market-oriented approach/policy/solution »

World leaders called on the country to adopt a market-oriented policy on the currency.


Our mission is to improve democracy around the globe by working through private enterprise to achieve market-oriented reform.

MARKETING used for describing products that have been made according to the needs and wants of customers: »

A seminar on packaging and how to produce market-oriented goods will be held.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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